Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review: Tacocracy

      Tacocracy is the newest addition to the Northside restaurant scene, opening just one month ago. Located in the Northside International Airport, named so for the airplane seats located inside, and specializing in serving up inexpensive and interesting fare. They have a unique selection of a la carte tacos and a cool, indie atmosphere. My boyfriend and I decided to try out this taco place on Saturday, which ended in some pretty good results. The restaurant is set up so you place your order at the front after perusing the chalkboard menu. They have combo options such as the "commute", which includes your choice of two tacos served with chips and salsa. After looking over their menu, I decided on the Korean Beef and Duck Tacos, and Adam ordered two Adobo Chicken Tacos. The cashier gave us a table placeholder and we chose a table in the front dining room (they have additional seating in back).
Left: Korean Beef
Right: Duck
Adobo-Curry Chicken
      The tacos came after about 20 minutes (a bit long). Both of my tacos were cooked well and had some interesting flavors. I chose the mild option of salsa which was a pineapple puree with just a bit of spice. Adam said his tacos were good and tasted very Indian with a touch of Mexican (guessing by the name, I think that's what they were going for. All in all, it was a satisfying and inexpensive dinner with the bill running up just $17. Compared to the other Cincinnati Taco joints, I think this one succeeds in price and the great selection of tacos.

      There is a Northside parking lot across the street that costs just $0.50 per hour. The store front is pretty understated, but located directly across from Honey and just past Cosby street; it's on the left going north on Hamilton avenue. This is a great place for a low-key date or a small group of friends going to dinner. 2 or 3 tacos per person is pretty filling and they have other sides like queso dip and guacamole if that doesn't quite appease your hunger. Tacocracy worth trying out if you are a fan of tacos or are spending time in Northside!


4029 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, OH
Open 4pm-10pm; Tuesday-Sunday

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