Thursday, February 21, 2013

Best Places for Takeout in Cincinnati: Part 1

There are few things that I enjoy more than spending a weekend night curled up on the couch with takeout from one of my favorite restaurants, catching up on episodes of Breaking Bad. Here is my list of my favorite places to order takeout from in Cincinnati.

For those of you who have never had Indian, it is probably my favorite ethnic cuisine. Though it's difficult to find really authentic Indian food in the Midwest, the food is still fantastic, hearty, and flavorful. My favorite dish to get is Saag Paneer, spinach and cream with homemade cheese cubes. Some other great things to get are the Lamb Korma,Chicken Tikka Masala, and Chicken Tikka Saag. I am not a huge spice fan, so I usually get a level of 3, which results in just enough. The spice level is 1-6 with 6 being the highest. Also, don't forget to order naan (Indian bread) with your dish. My favorites are Garlic Naan and Aloo Naan.

  • Krishna India
    • This is probably my favorite place to get Indian takeout in Cincinnati. Their service is quick and  consistent and the food is always delicious. 
Krishna on Urbanspoon

  • Deep India
    • For those who live in the Clifton Area, Deep India delivers which is a huge plus. Since I do not live there, this place ranks second. Though they do have consistently good food, the service tends to be a bit slow and the naan, not as well made. 
Deep India Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I really love Vietnamese food because of the fresh flavors and hearty dishes. There is nothing better than a big bowl of Pho on a chilly day. Also, I've recently discovered Banh Mi sandwiches, which consist of cold cuts on a French baguette with pate, cucumbers, cilantro, and optional jalapenos. Absolutely amazing.
  • Cilantro
    • A mainstay for UC students, this small restaurant off of West McMillan offers up huge, steaming bowls of Pho and Vermicelli noodles on the cheap. 
Cilantro Vietnamese Bistro on Urbanspoon

  • Pho Lang Thang
    • Their small restaurant on the east side of Findlay Market serves some of the best food I've had in a while. Their Pho is more flavorful and authentic than Cilantro's while the Banh Mi sandwiches are the perfect lunch option. Unfortunately, they do not allow Pho on takeout order because the hot liquid melts the container. However, ordering a Banh Mi and some Vietnamese coffee makes a great meal that is worth the drive. 
Pho Lang Thang on Urbanspoon

I consider Thai food my alternative to Chinese Takeout. I personally prefer Pad Thai to Lo Mein and have had better luck with it in Cincinnati in terms of quality. This is just my personal preference, though. 
  • Thai Taste
    • Being a Westsider, this restaurant on Crookshank is a great place to hit up on a hectic weekday night. Just one order of the Pad Thai is enough to feed two. They also have a small selection of sushi that is pretty mediocre but still fine. 
Thai Taste on Urbanspoon
  • Thai Express
    • Their heaping bowls of stir fry noodles are worth the drive up the hill to Clifton. It is been said to be a more authentic alternative to other Thai places. Though the menu is pretty small, the prices are more than reasonable and the service is fast. 
Thai Express on Urbanspoon

Hope I gave you some new options on your list of Takeout Options. For the next post, I'll cover my favorite Mexican, Greek, Pizza, and miscellaneous options. Thanks for reading, and I apologize for not posting in a long time. 

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