Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekday Lunch on Fountain Square: Tot Dogs and Hello Honey

The Fountain Square Ice Rink is officially open! Ice Skating is my favorite winter activity so I try to go at least 5 or 6 times during the season. My best suggestion is to go during the day when there will be less people and you can show off your awesome ice skating skills (or lack thereof). Two of my favorite places within walking distance of the square are Tot Dogs and Hello Honey. A great weekday lunch includes picking up a gourmet hot dog and homemade ice cream, then walking over to the square and enjoying them by the Genius of Water before heading out on the ice. These restaurants are located right across the street from each other on sixth, just a block away from the square.
    • Tot Dogs
      • This super tiny joint located just past 6th Street on Vine serves some of the best hot dogs in Cincinnati. Their vast menu allows you to customize the hot dog however you wish, and includes many gourmet ingredients such as Muffaletta, Raspberry Salsa, and Smoked Gouda. If hot dogs aren't your taste, the menu also offers sausages, veggie dogs, and many other options. Their prices are very reasonable, with a hot dog just $2 and $0.50 per ingredient. Though the hours are fairly limited and there is no seating, the taste of the hot dogs is worth it and you cannot beat the price. 
      • Open Mon-Fri: 11am to 2pm
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    • Hello Honey
      • Probably my favorite ice cream shop downtown, Hello Honey serves a variety of flavors which range from Honey Lavender to Brownie and Cream. They also serve waffles, crepes, and other seasonal desserts. Everything is homemade, which is evident from the rich flavors and unique combinations.  The times I have visited, I got the Honey Lavender and Nutella ice creams. Both had a great taste and consistency, with a very homemade feel. For anyone who is a fan of ice cream and loves to experience new types, Hello Honey is a must try.
      • Open Mon.-Fri: 11am to 6pm; Sat: 2pm to 7pm
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    • Ice Skating
      • Sun.-Thurs: 10am to 10pm; Fri and Sat.: 10am to Midnight
      • $3 admission, $3 skate rental
    • Additional Tips: 
      • Since street parking is pretty scarce downtown on a weekday, I suggest parking in the Fountain Square Parking garage: go to http://myfountainsquare.com/parking/ for rates

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